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Holiday Lights Contest Winners 12/22/18

Congratulations to this years winners!

  • First place: Mike, Chase and Nicolas — 8312 Red Rose Trail
  • Second place: Larry and Paula  8133 Vine Wood Dr
  • Third place: Matt, Rebecca, Kate, Kallie and Sam — 8209 Fin Wood Ct.

Honorable Mention: Nancy — 8132 Vine Wood Dr. for the awesome "Who-ville" display!

Pics of the winning displays can be viewed on our facebook page.


Christmas/Holiday Lights Contest 12/13/18

Forest Glenn will once again hold a holiday lights contest which will be judged on Tuesday, December 18th. First place and runner-up winners will receive special gift cards, so be sure those lights are plugged in & shining bright!

Forest Glenn Annual Meeting 11/9/18

All Forest Glenn residents are encouraged to attend our annual meeting.

Date:        Thursday, December 13, 2018

Starting at 7:00 PM

Fire Station #1, Community Room (corner of Shadywood Ln & Davis Blvd.)

Our HOA is in need of a new board for 2019. We need a new President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Member at large. The current members have filled their obligations & reached their term limits, so we need a new group of volunteers to take over. The amount of your time required per month is minimum yet provides an extremely valuable service to our neighborhood. Please consider a position on the board to keep our dues low and avoid having to hire an expensive outside management company.

There will be a random drawing of THREE GIFT CARDS for all attendees.

If you would like to volunteer for a place on the board but are unable to attend the meeting, please contact one of our board members.

Announcements will be mailed to all residents next week.


Emergency Water Conservation

The City of North Richland Hills is requesting all water customers north of Mid Cities Boulevard conserve water due to a break in a 33-inch water supply line that serves the northern part of our community. Please turn off sprinkler systems and limit unnecessary water use such as refilling swimming pools or ornamental fountains until further notice. The irrigation of city parks and facilities is also being suspended until further notice.

The Trinity River Authority has been working since Thursday to repair the water supply line, which is located outside of our city. Updates on the repair and the conservation request will be posted here as they become available.


The 33-inch water main is now back in service and the City thanks everyone for their conservation efforts this weekend. All NRH water customers may resume outdoor watering on your designated days:

Wednesdays & Saturdays: addresses ending in 0,2,4,6 or 8 may water

Thursdays & Sundays: addresses ending in 1,3,5,7 or 9 may water

Check here for additional watering info & requirements

Announcements & Reminders 5/21/18

  • Our HOA is in need of a Treasurer for the remainder of 2018. This position is open along with Member at Large. It is important that we have 5 elected board members for our HOA to function. Anyone interested in either position please contact any board member.
  • HOA dues are late for several homes. Please mail in payments as penalties are accruing: North Tarrant Parkway HOA, P.O. Box 822431, N Richland Hills, TX 76182
  • Yard of the Month Contest will be starting up at the end of May and run through July.
  • Forest Glenn Neighborhood Garage Sale:  Friday & Saturday, June 8th & 9th. Banners will be displayed at the entrances. Participants will receive a balloon to be affixed to their mailbox. If you have items to sell and would like to join in, please email Suzette with your name & address.

Dues Reminder 2/07/18

Reminder that the 2018 annual HOA dues of $80 are due and will be considered late if received after February 28th. Checks can be mailed to:

North Tarrant Parkway Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 822431 North Richland Hills, TX 76182


Forest Glenn Annual Meeting 11/6/17

All Forest Glenn residents are encouraged to attend:

Date:   Thurs, November 9, 2017

Time:   7:30 PM

Place:  Fire Station #1, Community Room

           (corner of Shadywood Ln & Davis Blvd.)

Yard of the Month Contest for June 7/19/17

The winners of this month's Yard of the Month contest goes to:

Jeff & Kim at 8116 Pecan Ridge Drive

Congratulations on a job well done!  Be sure to stay tuned for next month's winner.

Yard of the Month Contest for May 5/29/17

The winners of this month's Yard of the Month contest goes to:

Dwane & Marilyn at 8112 Pecan Ridge Drive

Congratulations on a job well done!  Be sure to stay tuned for next month's winner.

Reminder: Neighborhood Garage Sale 5/3/17

This Friday & Saturday, May 5th & 6th

7:30 AM - 1:00 PM

visit our facebook page for more details

Dues Reminder 2/22/17

Reminder that our 2017 homeowners dues need to be paid by February 28th. Please refer any questions to J Lackey.

We are also still in need of a Secretary to fill the 2017 board. Please contact any board member if interested.

Board Members Needed 1/26/17

Volunteers are needed to fill the positions of Secretary and Treasurer for the 2017 board. These are two important rolls needed to keep the HOA functioning. Please consider volunteering to help our neighborhood!  If interested, please contact any board member.

Homeowner's Dues 1/26/17

Notices for the 2017 homeowners dues will be mailed by the end of January. Payments will be due by February 28th.

Website Changes 1/26/17

Some major changes have been recently made to the Forest Glenn website:

The Meeting Minutes page has been changed to Board Meetings and will now show dates for upcoming meetings only. Important information and announcements to the neighborhood will continue to be posted here in the NEWS section. Complete Meeting minutes will still be available upon request in writing to any board member.

The Business Ads and the Yard of the Month pages have been removed. Future Yard of the Month winners will be announced here in the NEWS section, starting in May.

Neighbor Comments page has also been removed. A link to the outside private social network Nextdoor for Forest Glenn has been added to the Board Meetings and Social Activities pages.

Holiday Lights Contest Winners

Congratulation to the 2016 Holiday/Christmas Lights Contest winners!

First place:  
Teresa and Butch Hebert at 8121 Lost Maple Dr

Second place (tied):  Nancy Stevens at 8132 Vine Wood Dr

Second place (tied):  Matt and Rebecca Colvin at 8209 Fin Wood Ct

📷   View contest winner photos

Forest Glenn Annual Meeting

All Forest Glenn residents are encouraged to attend:

Date:        Thurs, November 17, 2016

Time:        7:00 PM

Location:  Fire Station #1, Community Room

                 corner of Shadywood Ln & Davis Blvd.

We will be serving an array of refreshments for all attendees and will also have a raffle drawing of three gift cards to be given out.


• Treasurers Report

Year-to-Date Summary

Proposed Budget for 2017

• Business Report

Lighting and Landscaping at front entrances

• Yard of the Month and Holiday Lighting Update

• Social Committee Update

• Election of 2017 Board of Officers

• Open Forum

• Door Prizes

Game Players in the Neighborhood 7/14/16

With the rise in popularity of the new game Pokémon Go, it’s increasingly important to be aware that there are game players roaming the neighborhood who may look suspicious. One of our neighbors alerted us to the fact that he found a kid in his yard between the bushes & back of his parked truck. After confronting him, the kid revealed that his game showed a “Pokémon” in his yard. Though he laughed, the neighbor told him to be careful since someone might take what he’s doing as something bad.

Parents, please talk to your kids about the dangers of going on to other people’s property and to stay on the sidewalks when playing the game. Additionally, our park has been busy with game activity and more vehicles than usual have been driving around, briefly stopping and parking by the park. Young people driving vehicles to the park need to make sure they are watching out for & being respectful of people & pets walking across the streets. And slow down!

The NYPD recently published a list of safety tips for Pokémon Go, including:

  • Do not drive or ride your bike, skateboard, or other device while interacting with the app
  • Do not trespass on private property
  • Be aware and tell your kids about “stranger danger”

Let’s keep everyone safe!!

Mosquito Control and Zika Virus

Please view the following information sent by the City of NRH Consumer Health Division:

"Attached is a notice regarding the emerging Zika virus and what residents can do to protect themselves and help to reduce mosquito populations. 

Please see www.nrhtx.com/mosquitocontrol, http://www.texaszika.org, http://www.cdc.gov/zika or feel free to reach out with any questions or if you need additional information."

NRH official statement & info on Sika and mosquito control


Reminder of Water Restrictions

The permanent water restrictions as of June 2014 remain in effect. Under the restrictions, the use of sprinklers & irrigation systems are limited to two times per week:

  • Wednesdays & Saturdays: addresses ending in 0,2,4,6 or 8 may water
  • Thursdays & Sundays: addresses ending in 1,3,5,7 or 9 may water

Tuesdays & Fridays: businesses, parks, medians & common areas, etc may water. Mondays: no watering with sprinklers or irrigation systems allowed.

No outdoor watering is allowed between 10am & 6pm on any day, except by hand.

View complete info on the NRH city website


HOA Dues Notices

The dues notices for this year are running a bit behind but are forthcoming. Payment will be due 30 days from the date of mailing. if you have any questions please contact a board member.

Thank you.

Christmas Lights Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Holiday/Christmas Lights Contest!

First place: Larry and Paula Weatherholt at 8133 Vine Wood Dr.

Second place: Bonnie and Terrance Reininger at 8200 Vine Wood Dr.

We would also like to include as honorable mention:
Brandon Kibler at 8129 Lost Maple Dr.

📷   View contest winner photos

Forest Glenn Annual Meeting

All Forest Glenn residents are encouraged to attend:

Date:        Thurs, December 10, 2015

Time:        7:00 p.m.

Location:  Fire Station #1, Community Room

                 corner of Shadywood Ln & Davis Blvd.


1) Election of new President & Board Members
Please volunteer your time and expertise to support self-administration of our HOA. A professional management company would be a lot more expensive.

2) Budget for 2016
Continue a common sense approach to maintain our common property at reasonable cost. Keep our HOA dues the lowest in the area at $80/year.

3) New Event
romote Christmas lighting in our neighborhood with a Christmas Lights Contest. Our community will judge displays on Sunday, December 20th. Two winners will get a gift card valued at $50.00 each.

To encourage a better turnout at the meeting, there will be a drawing for two valuable door prizes.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to volunteer, please e-mail us.


NRH Consumer Alert

The City has issued a warning to be wary of contractors or salespeople claiming that a service is required by the city or another another government agency. From the NRH website:

were informed of someone going door to door telling residents that trees on their property were in violation of city codes and needed to be trimmed. He then offered to trim the trees for a fee. Notices from the city regarding actual code violations will include contact information for the city’s Code Compliance Office, including an employee name and the phone number 817-427-6663."

Read full article and recommendations to protect yourself


Solar Ordinance Amended

The City Council has removed the Special Use Permit requirement for roof mounted solar panels facing a street. Property owners may now install solar panels on any side of their roof with the issuance of a standard building permit.

Read entire article here

City Emergency Notifications

The City of NRH is urging residents to sign up for Everbridge Mass Notification System to get alerted about emergencies & critical info such as severe weather, unexpected road closures, missing persons and evacuations.

This system is replacing the CodeRED system as of February 1st. If you registered your cell phone number and/or e-mail with CodeRED, you will need to re-register with Everbridge.

Without registration of cell phone numbers & e-mails, the city will only be able to contact you through traditional landline phones in the event of an emergency. Registration takes just a few minutes.

Click this link to register with Everbridge

City Ordinance on Solar Panels  1/28/15

During their January 26, 2015 meeting, the NRH City Council agreed to revisit Ordinance 3343 on solar panels after receiving a petition from citizens about the ordinance. While the ordinance is under review, the special use permit fee for street facing solar panels will be waived.

Forest Glenn Annual Meeting

All Forest Glenn residents are urged to attend our Annual Meeting:

  • Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014
  • 7:30 P.M.
  • Fire Station #1, Community Room
    (corner of Shadywood Ln & Davis Blvd)

Agenda includes Election of New Board Members: Secretary, Treasurer and Member At Large; Budget for 2015; and Proposed Changes to our By-laws. There will be a door prize drawing of two giftcards worth $50 each.

Please mark your calendars. Formal notices will be sent out shortly.

Bobcats and Coyotes  10/1/14

There have been recent sightings of bobcats and coyotes in the area. Specifically, a bobcat was just sighted at Forest Glenn street, where it turns to the left (east), and the new trail on the west side of the subdivision. Additionally, a coyote was spotted carrying a domestic cat in its mouth earlier this year on Shadywood Lane near the fire station and they have also been seen recently in Tommy & Sue Brown park. Please be aware of this and use extra caution at dusk & after dark, especially with small children and pets.

For more info on where the NRH Trails are located, visit the NRH parks & recreation site.

Grass Clippings Reminder

North Richland Hills prohibits depositing grass clippings onto any public right-of-way (see "New Public Nuisance City Ordinances" on this page from 9/25/12). So please remember not to blow grass clippings onto the streets as they clog our storm sewers. Also make sure any professional lawn service you hire is aware of this as well. The city may be contacted at 817-427-6663 for any questions or complaints.

Permanent Water Restrictions

As of June 2014, the city of NRH joined other area cities in making outdoor watering restrictions permanent. The permanent landscape watering restrictions are the same as the Stage 1 drought restrictions that have been in place since June 2013 (see schedule below).

Lawns and landscaping may still be watered on any day with a handheld hose, drip irrigation, soaker hose or tree bubbler. View complete info on the NRH web site.

Water Restrictions Continue

The city wants to remind all water customers of the Stage 1 Water Conservation schedule as we head into spring & summer. Under stage 1, the use of sprinklers & irrigation systems is limited to two times per week:

  • Wednesday & Saturday: addresses ending in 0,2,4,6 or 8 may water
  • Thursday & Sunday: addresses ending in 1,3,5,7 or 9 may water

No outdoor watering is allowed between 10am & 6pm on any day, except by hand. For more detailed information, visit the NRH City web site at this link.

Homeowner Dues

Reminder that our homeowners dues need to be paid no later than February 28th to avoid late fees. Thank you to everyone who has already paid.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our treasurer Michael Deal.

2014 Board of Directors

Welcome new board members for 2014!

See contact info for our board of directors and committee members who have volunteered to serve this year.

Forest Glenn Annual Meeting  11

All Forest Glenn residents are urged to attend our Annual Meeting:

  • Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013
  • 7:30 PM
  • NRH Fire Station #1
    (corner of Shadywood Ln & Davis Blvd)

New board members are needed to fill all officer positions including; President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Discussions of what a management company would cost and entail, if necessary, is on the agenda. We strongly encourage you to attend this important meeting which will determine the future of our HOA.

Back to School Safety

The City of North Richland Hills wants us to be aware that as the new school year begins on August 26, all motorists share the responsibility of making sure students arrive to school safely. Here are just a few of their reminders:

  • stop for school buses that are loading and unloading
  • slow down in neighborhoods where children are walking or riding bikes to school
  • reduce your speed and observe speed limits in school zones
  • put down your cell phone when driving through school zones

Read the complete Back to School Safety list on the NHR web site

W.I.S.E. Guys Programs  6/23/13

The city of NRH recently announced the W.I.S.E. Guys conservation program which is offered by Tarrant Regional Water District to eligible residential water customers for a free check of their irrigation system and tips on how to operate it more efficiently.

The program has the ability to conserve millions of gallons of water each year, helping the city to meet its water conservation goals. There is no cost to the city or the customer for participating in this program. For more information and how to request an evaluation, follow the link below.

Please keep in mind that you are under no obligation to have any recommended adjustments performed and that if repairs/adjustments are needed, you may hire the contractor of your choosing.

NRH W.I.S.E. Guys program information

Stage 1 Water Restrictions

A reminder that the city of NRH has implemented water restrictions beginning JUNE 3, 2013 as part of the Drought Contingency Plan at the request of the Tarrant Regional Water District. Outdoor watering will be limited to no more than twice per week. NRH has set forth the following schedule for residential addresses:

  • House numbers ending in 0,2,4,6 or 8 may water Wednesday & Saturday
  • House numbers ending in 1,3,5,7 or 9 may water Thursday & Sunday
  • No outdoor watering is allowed between 10 a.m and 6 p.m. on any day

More information is available on the NRH web site.

Bids for Monument Walls

The board is getting bids to repair the monument walls at the Forest Glenn entrance. We would appreciate any referrals or experiences you may have had with foundation companies. Please contact Nancy Bowman with information at
817-656-9344 or e-mail. Thank you.