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Board Meetings

Meeting minutes are kept in the official NTPHA book of records and are available upon request in writing. Contact our secretary for information. Meeting dates will be posted here prior to each scheduled meeting and residents & property owners within the N Tarrant Parkway HOA are welcome to attend. See map for inclusion. Please contact any Board Member for meeting time & location.

Next Board Meeting:

Monday, June 15, 2020
Discussion of entryway walls & landscaping

Forest Glenn homeowners are welcome to attend. Please contact any
Board Member for time and location. Upcoming meeting dates will be posted prior to each meeting.

Annual Meeting Minutes - November 14, 2019

The following is a summary of topics discussed at the Forest Glenn annual meeting. Complete & detailed meeting minutes are kept in the official NTPHA book of records, which is available upon request in writing.

  • Treasurer’s Report:
    We are over budget this year due to lawyer’s fee/retainer to get advice on adding amendment(s) to the bylaws and also resolving the landscape issue. The ending balance is still suitable for our needs.
    We saw a spike in the water bill due to water not working at the entrances for most of the year. All but one of the entrances now have water.
    100% of HOA dues have been paid! This year we gave homeowners the option of paying with Zelle, the online app. The board asked for any suggestions on future billings and everyone agreed that Zelle was a great option for paying annual dues.
    Resale Certificates are up to date. The process had been streamlined for efficiency this year.
  • Landscaping:
    Concerning the ongoing landscape issue, the president stated that AT&T and C-Core have admitted fault but they were not responding to our request to repair the problem. We hired an attorney to resolve the situation and have made progress but repairs are not yet completed. We will redo the entrance landscaping once everything has been repaired and our landscaper has made suggestions for a re-make.
  • Amendendment to the Bylaws:
    The board has been discussing limiting long and short term rentals in the neighborhood. After listening to homeowners in attendance, the board decided to rescind the amendment for now. The issue needs more discussion and we will defer to next year.
  • Architectural Control Committee:
    The board is seeking at least one more person to be on the Architectural Control Committee as we only have one member. Two homeowners have volunteered. The committee now has three members.
  • Social Committee:
    We recapped the 2019 social events. Block Party BBQ was a success. We look forward to doing it again next year. Bunco was held two times with great turn out and lots of fun. The Yard of the Month Contest is going great. The Halloween party went well and was fun for all who attended. Forest Glenn East residents will be joining us in the December 8th Christmas in the Park event with our local firemen, benfiting Toys for Tots.
    The social director is stepping down as chair and two residents have volunteered to co-chair the committee. The board thanked the outgoing chair for all her hard work.
  • Open Forum:
    Raffle prizes: 3 Gift Cards and 2 Coupon Books were handed out to 5 lucky attendees.
    Elections: our Member at Large has stepped down and another homeowner has volunteered to fill that position. All other current board members will remain for 2020.


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